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Criminal Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need immediate legal representation. It’s important to have someone on your side who will zealously defend you and who can navigate the complexities of the system. For 25+ years, Salzmann Law has worked many criminal defense cases defending our clients in Bloomington, IN. That said, most cases are not tried in a court or in front of a jury. Instead, they are negotiated to a plea after both sides consider the facts and law. We always work with your best interests at heart, and we will defend your rights inside and outside of the courtroom.

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Areas of Practice

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If you’ve been charged with homicide, whether that be murder, manslaughter, or wrongful death, it’s imperative you get legal representation immediately. As with many areas of law, there are layers and complexities to each definition. Allow us to help you navigate through these court proceedings.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can range from paraphernalia and possession to dealing, trafficking, and manufacturing. Each carries their own sentences from probation to jail time. Having any drug crime on your record could have severe consequences.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are considered serious offenses and can severely impact your life on many fronts. These crimes are aggressively tried, and a guilty verdict can destroy personal relationships and result in your registering as a sex offender, among other serious consequences.

We have represented clients against charges that include:

  • Rape
  • Child Molestation
  • Public Nudity
  • Sexual Assault
  • Solicitation
  • Prostitution
Criminal Mischief

Even small acts of property damage can result in criminal mischief charges. Depending on the extent of the damages, jail time can be on the table. We’ll work diligently on your behalf to prevent these acts from landing on your record.


According to Indiana Law, “Intoxicated” means under the influence of alcohol or drugs so that there is an impaired condition of thought and action and the loss of normal control of one’s faculties. If you fail a chemical test (.08% or higher), or refuse the chemical test altogether, your license will be suspended regardless if you’re found guilty or not guilty. If you’re convicted of drunk driving by trial or plea bargain, a conviction suspension will be applied. However, if you didn’t refuse the chemical test you might be eligible to receive credit for the time you have already served on your suspension. Typical convictions suspensions are:

  • 90 days – one year for first-time offenders
  • 1-2 years for second-time offenders
  • 10 years for third-time offenders

License suspension can be imposed for other offenses, including drug crimes, death and injury cases, failure to insure cases, and others.


Many Americans have been accused, tried and convicted of a crime, served their time, paid their fines and have turned over a new leaf in their lives. Anyone who has paid that debt to society should be allowed to go through life without the stigma of a criminal record following him or her. Unfortunately, that criminal record can follow them around, interfering with their ability to secure employment, housing or other important aspects of life.

If you are in this position, you know how frustrating and damaging it can be.

Fortunately, Indiana allows people who have been convicted of certain types of crimes to seal their criminal records through a process called expungement. Salzmann Law LLC is committed to helping Hoosiers who want to leave their criminal records in the past and move forward to a clean slate.

At Salzmann Law LLC located in Bloomington, we have helped many people to begin their clean slate futures through both misdemeanor expungement and felony expungement. Our office is knowledgeable of the eligibility requirements and the procedures and strategies that can help.

For more information about Salzmann Law or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 812-333-2275. We look forward to helping you!